Carolina Roofing Pros LLC

Roofing You Can Count On

Our team here at Carolina Roofing Pros fully understands that natural disasters can occur out of the blue and the havoc they can cause to your home, especially your roof, which is why we offer you easy and efficient roofing services, including free inspections and estimates.

For a Strong & Stable House

Our free inspections and estimates, along with our timely repair services, ensure that your house is strong and stable, and we try to prevent further problems from occurring to your house’s structure.



Choose us today as your trusted roofing contractor. With our roofing, siding, gutters, interior services, you can make your home safe, sturdy, and beautiful.
Besides protecting your home's interior, a solid new roof can also save you a lot of money.


Reasons to Choose Us

  • We work with homeowners to restore the house throughout the process
  • We deal with insurance from start to finish
  • We offer great prices for our service
  • We can check for any damages from prior storms and take the necessary steps to work with your insurance carrier in getting the repairs needed
  • Our inspections/estimates are free
  • We take before and after pics
  • We are a family-owned business and use local suppliers
  • We handle all style roofs, not just commercial and asphalt
  • All our work is guaranteed

Contact us when you need a trusted roofing contractor for any of your roof installations.